Patients who chose BT to better manage their severe asthma

Theresa's Story

“It was the day-to-day things that I really started noticing were easier to do.” — Theresa - US Patient

Chris's Story

“BT has changed my quality of life altogether. After BT, I can put more air through my horn.” — Chris - US Patient

Angel's Story

“I’ve been able to cut the grass. I’ve been able to work on my car. I wasn’t able to travel. I’ve been able to travel, something I haven’t done for years.” — Angel - US Patient

Mike and Jenny's Story

“I just feel like I’m free… I feel like the sky’s the limit.” — Mike & Jenny - US Patients

LaRetta's Story

“Now I can live life and go and do those fun activities that I hadn’t done before. If you really want to live life and you really don’t want a disease that’s controlling your life or defining you, have BT.” — LaRetta - US Patient

Chris's Story

“It was a moment of revelation. It’s that sun breaking through the clouds and you go, ‘It worked.’” — Chris - US Patient

Jaimie's Story

“The prospect of lifelong relief, I never thought was possible. But it is.”— Jaimie - AUS Patient

You Guang's Story

“For me, BT gave me a breath of life, I can breathe almost as a normal person, an experience I almost forgotten.” — You Guang - Singapore Patient

Mo Yuejing's Story

“The therapy was great as now I live a normal life.” — Mo Yuejing - China Patient

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