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Hear from patients who chose BT to better manage their severe asthma

Chris's Story

“BT has changed my quality of life altogether. After BT, I can put more air through my horn.” — Chris - US Patient

Angel's Story

“I’ve been able to cut the grass. I’ve been able to work on my car. I wasn’t able to travel. I’ve been able to travel, something I haven’t done for years.” — Angel - US Patient

Mike and Jenny's Story

“I just feel like I’m free… I feel like the sky’s the limit.” — Mike & Jenny - US Patients

LaRetta's Story

“Now I can live life and go and do those fun activities that I hadn’t done before. If you really want to live life and you really don’t want a disease that’s controlling your life or defining you, have BT.” — LaRetta - US Patient

Chris's Story

“It was a moment of revelation. It’s that sun breaking through the clouds and you go, ‘It worked.’” — Chris - US Patient

Jaimie's Story

“The prospect of lifelong relief, I never thought was possible.
But it is.”— Jaimie - AUS Patient

You Guang's Story

“For me, BT gave me a breath of life, I can breathe almost as a normal person, an experience I almost forgotten.” — You Guang - Singapore Patient

Mo Yuejing's Story

“The therapy was great as now I live a normal life.” — Mo Yuejing - China Patient

Hear from BT physicians

“Patients are taking their inhalers, they’ve modified their lifestyle, and despite all that, they’re still suffering.”
—Kyle Hogarth, MD

“One of the most positive, reinforcing experiences a doctor can have is a patient coming back to you and telling you that you’ve changed their life.”
—Robert Niven, MD

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